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How To Keep Your Kids Safe Near Garage Doors


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When was the last time you had your garage door inspected?

As a parent, one of the first things you probably do is to childproof your home. But most of us often neglect the garage door safety measures. You should treat the garage as a potential danger as the garage door is heavy and experiences a lot of tension.

Since children can be a little curious sometimes, you should know how to keep your kids safe near garage doors. And to guide you, you can follow these simple and doable garage door safety tips to ensure the safety of your precious children:

Inspect Auto-Reverse Mechanism

Today, garage doors have sensors to check if there are obstructions under the garage door. Once it detects something, it will automatically activate and reverse to prevent garage door injuries and damages on a property. As a parent, the sensors are your assurance for your children’s safety. After all, under the law, residential garage doors must have sensors in them. If you’re experiencing issues with your sensors, then you should contact a professional garage door repair service.


Position the Garage Door Opener in an Unreachable Height

Kids love to play all the time. With one look away, they can be playing with the remote buttons of the garage door opener without your knowledge. So, it is crucial to keep the garage door controller out of reach all the time.


Remove Clutter

Most garage owners make their garage space a storage area. If you have a kid, remove the unnecessary clutter to avoid accidents within the garage. Also, keep the tools, chemicals, and other sharp objects out of reach at all times.


Conduct Regular Inspection and Maintenance

When you have a well-maintained garage door, you are protecting your family from possible accidents. Since garage doors experience heavy strain every day, it is essential to check them and their parts regularly.  Moreover, your garage door requires maintenance, such as lubricating the moving parts at least every six months and cleaning the debris along the tracks. That way, you will prevent early damages or breakages on components or the whole garage door itself.


Educate Your Children

Part of the healthy growth of children is making them understand the dos and don’ts within the house. So, you can teach your kids as they grow up about the dangers of the garage door, and they should not play with the remote device or its other components. Also, teach them that it is not okay to run around the garage while the door is opening or closing. Then if possible, you should keep the toys of your children out of the garage. In this way, they won’t attempt to open the garage door without your knowledge.


Repair Broken Garage Doors Right Away

As a parent, you probably know the dangers of broken springs, unbalanced door movement, and snapped cables of the garage door. So, if you see signs of damage and need a service such as garage door spring repair, visit an online business directory to find one next to you. A garage door technician can professionally repair and replace broken parts to keep your family safe from the falling risk of the garage door. Moreover, an expert technician can advise on how to keep your kids safe near garage doors.